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Custom eye protection to fit your needs.  Whether you can't see your front sight on your pistol anymore or, your red dot isn't as clear as you want, we are here to help!

We are currently offering 3 setups.

Single Vision:  One power throughout the entire lens that is set to your distance Rx,(Great for those under 40).

Inverted Bifocal:  Upper 1/3 of lens is set for your front sight of your pistol, typically on both eyes but, can be modified to just your dominate eye, (We recommend on both eyes).  Bottom 2/3 is set for to your distance Rx.  This set up can also be good for PC, painters, and mechanics, etc)

Con:  Unable to see up close without adjusting eye pro when looking below line of sight.

Double D Bifocals:  Both the upper and lower 1/3 will be set for near ranges.  The middle 1/3 will be set to your distance Rx.

  • Gives you the ability to see up close, above and below your line of sight
  • Most functional
  • Challenges your pickup artistry like no other lenses
  • Can feel cluttered reducing the amount of lens used for distance
  • Heavier.  How much?  Depends on power


Why we use Trivex and Polycarbonate Lenses

  • 10 times stronger than traditional lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Thinner lens than traditional lenses for those with high Rx

We will use trivex when your Rx allows.  For two reasons.

  • Optical Clarity:  trivex produces a sharper image with less distortion
  • Weight:  Comes in around 10% lighter

Frame Selection (coming soon)

What I need from you

  • In date distance Rx
  • Pupillary distance aka PD
  • Measure the distance from your front pistol sight to your dominate eye
  • What lens type you want (SV, inverted, or double D)
  • Frame selection
  • Set your bifocal on the frame selected
  • Send me a photo of the frame marked and taped.

Setting your bifocals

You needs scotch tape and a sharpie, or something similar.

Step 1 (setting upper):  You are going to mark your upper bifocal with scotch tape.  You want it just above your center line of sight.  When you look straight ahead, the tape should not be in your way.  When you tilt your chin down, you should be looking through the upper tape.  Simulate with your blue gun or unloaded pistol.

*******If you are getting the double bifocal, you can simulate what it looks like by placing scotch tape 14mm or a little over 1/2" (0.55"), from the bottom edge of the upper tape.

Step 2 (PD):  The sharpieis used to dot the lenses directly in the center of the pupil, (the black circle in the middle of your eye).  Have someone mark this for you or, you can can mark it yourself in the mirror while looking stright ahead.




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